Readers ask: How To Remove Paint From A Brush In Krita?

How do I edit a brush in Krita?

The Brush settings drop-down. To start, the Brush Settings Editor panel can be accessed in the toolbar, between the Choose brush preset button on the right and the Fill Patterns button on the left. Alternately, you can use the F5 key to open it.

Does Krita have an eraser?

In Krita, the eraser is not its own tool; it is a Blending mode (or Composite mode). You can toggle between erase mode and paint mode by pressing the E key, individually for each of your brushes.

How do I make my Krita brush pressure sensitive?


  1. Make sure all your drivers are updated — check your tablet desktop client and your windows updates.
  2. Make sure your tablet connection works. (
  3. Open Krita.
  4. On the toolbar, mouse over to ‘Settings > Configure toolbars… >
  5. Make sure that ‘mainToolBar’ < Krita > is selected in ‘Toolbar:’

Why does my eraser not work in Krita?

Krita doesn’t have an eraser tool. It has the facility to force any brush preset to paint with a blending mode of Erase. Also, you can make a brush preset that is designed to paint with a blending mode of Erase.

How do you select and delete in Krita?

2 Answers

  1. Select the Rectangular Selection Tool.
  2. In the Tool bar at the top of the canvas, enable Eraser Mode.
  3. Now when you make a selection and press delete, it will erase instead of filling the selection with white.
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Why can’t I erase in Krita?

Unlike other graphic software, Krita doesn’t have any eraser tool. Using any brush presets with eraser mode on. Using any other tools in Krita, provided eraser brush presets or eraser mode is active. By pressing Delete.

How do you smooth in Krita?

Quick Tips: Smooth strokes using Krita

  1. Get the pen sketch as a layer in Krita.
  2. Add another layer and call it ‘Ink’.
  3. In Brush tool options choose the weighted smoothing option with default settings.
  4. 3 Quick tips for smooth strokes.
  5. Overshot lines look far more expressive and increase your inking speed because the lines are far smoother too.

Is Krita a Photoshop?

Krita is an open-source software developed for animation and developing digital paintings but its quite different from Photoshop. Krita cannot be considered as an alternative of photoshop as it is only used for digital drawing, not for image editing. They may have similar purposes but are actually different.

What is Ctrl y in Krita?

I think “redo” is typically Ctrl + Y, so the tablet is sending in Ctrl + Y as input. Like you said, Ctrl + Y isn’t redo in Krita but the other function, so that’s what Krita does. You’ll need to either change the tablet to send the right key combination or change the shortcut for redo in Krita to Ctrl + Y.

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