How To Remove Scratches In Cilajet Paint?

Can you remove Cilajet?

While Cilajet protects your paint from damage by those chemicals, you should wash them off as soon as possible to enable easy removal. You do not need the wax component of car wash soap, and after repeated use these waxes can build up on your paint, which will actually reduce the shine.

How do you care for a Cilajet?

For leather or vinyl seats protected with Cilajet HIDE, we recommend using a very damp microfiber towel (using only water) once a month to clean the surfaces. Use of detergents and cleaning products will diminish the protection and are not good for leather or vinyl seats.

How long does it take Cilajet to cure?

The product needs to dry and cure, which will take at least 10 minutes. Any puddles that are left after application should be wiped down with a microfiber cloth. The total time from start to finish will be about 20-30 minutes: application, wipe down puddles in the interior, and drying time.

What is Cilajet made of?

WHAT IS CILAJET? Cilajet is a proprietary polymer and acrylic formula. It is not just polish or wax. When properly applied to a painted or metal surface, Cilajet’s unique formula bonds with the surface and helps resist corrosion and damage from environmental conditions.

Is CilaJet a ceramic coating?

There are a lot of options for ceramic coatings, but one that is especially impressive is CilaJet. Not only is it a true ceramic product (with both silica and titanium dioxides), but it’s the only aviation-grade ceramic certified by both Boeing and Airbus.

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Does Cilajet prevent scratches?

Cilajet is typically sold on new vehicles but Cilajet car paint sealant is a great used car paint sealant also! Many times, Cilajet is able to restore used vehicles’ painted surfaces by helping reduce or eliminate fine scratches, water spots, and imperfections… regardless of age!

What is Cilajet interior?

Cilajet Fab Cilajet offers the ultimate protection for the interior of your vehicle from permanent staining. Cilajet Fab is professionally applied to your vehicle’s carpet, mats and fabric seats to protect them from accidental coffee spills, oil spots, muddy shoes, pet stains, etc.

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