How To Remove Paint From Trex Decking?

Can I use goof off on Trex decking?

So I found a “test spot” to try out some ” Goof – Off ” brand paint remover. It worked great. Spray some on, leave it for about 5 seconds (no more, it’ll melt through the Trex composite!) and wipe once or twice with a paper towel, minding not to spread the paint around as you wipe up.

How do you get spilled paint off a deck?

Fill a bucket with hot water and add some liquid dish-washing soap in it to make a detergent solution. Scrub the remaining paint with a scrub brush dipped into the soapy solution. Keep on scrubbing and keep on adding soap solution until the acrylic paint on your deck is completely gone.

What is the best cleaner for Trex decking?

If particles get on the decking surface, Trex recommends using Sakreteā„¢ Concrete Dissolver (

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Can I use vinegar on Trex decking?

You can wash your composite decking with vinegar if you want to. All you should do is mix the vinegar with baking soda and apply it to the area. Then, you can wash out the texture with water using a hose or a power washer.

How do I make my Trex deck look new again?

You can perform a semiannual cleaning on your composite deck to preserve its longevity.

  1. Step 1: Pre-spray your deck.
  2. Step 2: Spray with soapy water & scrub.
  3. Step 3: Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Step 1: Pre-rinse.
  5. Step 2: Mix up your vinegar solution.
  6. Step 3: Sprinkle baking soda.
  7. Step 4: Rinse thoroughly.

Can I use bleach on Trex decking?

However, if the soap-and-water cleaning doesn’t remove a particular stain, don’t default to a chemical cleaner. Harsh chemicals, such as bleach, are NOT recommended on any composite surface! These chemicals can eat away at the composite structure and leave permanent discolorations and damage.

How do I remove paint from my deck without chemicals?

To remove paint from wood without chemicals is to sand the paint off. You would use a heavy grit sandpaper, and either a sander or some elbow grease and sand that paint right off. Sanding creates a ton of dust, so a dust mask made for sanding is necessary.

How do I remove deck paint without a pressure washer?

Sweep the deck with a push broom to remove leaves, dirt and other debris. Wear safety glasses, rubber gloves and a painter’s mask when working, and scrape away as much loose or peeling paint from the wood as possible with a paint scraper or stiff-bristle brush.

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How do you get rid of wet paint?

Wet latex paint can be hazardous, so dry it up. If there’s only a small amount of paint in the bottom of your can, leaving it out in the sun should do the trick. If there’s a bit more than the sun can handle, try adding kitty litter or newspaper to help soak up the paint and speed the drying process.

Can I pressure wash my Trex Deck?

Trex high-performance decking ( Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance and Trex Select) can be power washed. Use only a fan tip and up to a 3100 psi power washer to remove dirt and debris.

Can I use Simple Green on Trex Deck?

Like other wood deck varieties, composite decking is quite porous. Simple Green Oxy Solve Deck and Fence Cleaner is ideal for both manual and pressure washing to lift and remove dirt and debris from the deck surface.

Can I use Murphy’s Oil Soap on Trex decking?

Liquid dish soap (ammonia-free) is safe for use on cleaning your deck when mixed with a little warm water. Simply mix 1 gallon of water, 2 tablespoons of ammonia-free dish soap (such as Murphy’s ), 1 pint of rubbing alcohol, and 1 quart of oxygen bleach. Be very careful so that you use only ammonia free dish soap.

Can you use OxiClean on Trex Deck?

OxiClean is safe to use on decks. OxiClean is a safe alternative to chemical-based bleach products, as the item is comprised of oxygen bleach that uses oxygen ions to fuel its cleaning power.

How do you remove algae from Trex decking?

Once the deck is completely saturated, Rinse it off thoroughly with water, a pressure washer and/or a scrub brush. A scrub brush will assist in the removing stains from moss, mold, algae and lichen.

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